In 1997 late mr. R.R. Hollander (co-founder of Nedcon Magazijninrichting B.V.) received a request from Albert Heijn (member of AHOLD, the biggest food retailer in the Netherlands) to join in the development of an automated solution for full case order picking. In fact this question has been the start of the development of the Order Release Module (ORM) and the founding of Dynamic Logistic Systems in 1999.

The first two ORM's which were built at Albert Heijn (AH) in 2002 and 2005, turned out to be very efficient and as a result these modules are still fully in operation!

Since these first implementations, DLS has further developed the ORM, which in the meantime has been supplied as subsystem to System-integrators for many customers all over the world in several branches:

  • Supermarkets (Dry food and fresh products such as meat, fruit and vegetables, etc);
  • Dairy (Buffering and sortation of dairy products and juices);
  • Postal application
    (Buffering lettertrays on postal code, high speed replenishment of palletizers)
  • Beverage (Modules for high speed sortation of a couple of hundreds SKU's)
  • Production (Sortation and expedition buffer between production and shipment area);
  • Fashion (High speed sortation of cartons to fashion-shops)

Based on the know-how in automated order picking (ORM's) with a strong specialism in rollerlane techniques, DLS has developed in the recent years several additional efficient material handling solutions:

  • Accumulating Friction-Drive™ Conveyors
    (Low pressure accumulating conveyors for light items);
  • Sequencers (high speed sortation of case batches);
  • Case buffering solutions (expedition buffers, palletizing buffers etc)
  • Pallet live solutions (Gravity rollerlanes for pallets);
  • Carton live solutions (Gravity rollerlanes for light items); 

All products from DLS excel in efficiency, quality and the unique power to simplify material handling processes.

Our team of pragmatic and flexible engineers and project managers is available and prepared to answer any question you may have. Please call DLS or enter your question at the CONTACT page of this site.