Accumulation conveyors

Based on the DLS Friction-Drive™ technology (DLS patent), DLS has developed low pressure accumulation rollerconveyors as applied for example in the Order Release Modules. These conveyors are exceptional suitable for conveying and accumulation of light cases (boxes, cartons, trays etc). The Friction-drive™ conveyors are applied in SKU-bufferlanes, orderbuffer-lanes, sorter-chutes, accumulating lanes etc.

DLS Friction-Drive™ technology (DLS patent):
The basic prinicple for the accumulation lanes is the DLS patented friction drive technology. All carrying rollers (diameter 30mm, rollerpitch 33mm), are equipped with a friction ring (white part at the outer end of each roller). A drive belt is driving the friction rings and as result of friction all rollers are driven by a limited friction-force. The result is astonishing: a smooth accumulation system, suitable for a large variety of loads, dimensions and packaging types:

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