Flowlanes for light articles

DLS offers a large variety of gravity flowlane solutions for light articles like trays, bins, cartons etc. The DLS designs consist usually out of one of the following three principles, which can be customized to meet the individual requirements for an ergomical orderpicking solution:

  • Narrow rollertracks:

In this solution, rollerlanes are built from 2 or more narrow rollertracks containing 40mm wide rollers. By adding sideguidance and/or lane-separators at the infeed-position, several separated lanes per section can be created. At the orderpicking-side an ergonomical workplace can be designed by varying level-heights, level-pitch and/or by introducing presentation-shelves in different angles and dimensions. Furthermore the system can be extended with speed-controllers, pick-to-light displays, barcode-rails etc.

  • Full width rollerlanes:

Especially for articles that require full width supporting rollers, DLS can supply wide rollerlanes. In these lanes, all articles are supported by rollers with a small diameter Ø30mm, ctc 33mm, creating full width dense support, which improves rolling functionality for poor conveyable articles. Optional these rollers can be equipped with fiction-drive technology (see Friction-Drive™-conveyors)

  • Rollerbeds:

The above mentioned systems are both suitable for the creation of rollerbeds, offering maximal flexibility in lane-definition;

To ensure the best ergonomics for your orderpickers, DLS can offer fully customized designs.

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