Order Release Modules

The Order Release Module (ORM) is a unique automated system for full case order picking. Buffering and sorting is integrated in a single solution with an incredible speed (much faster than for example miniload systems or shuttle-systems). On top of it all; the ORM is very compact, so even within limited building space it is feasible to build an an ORM with high capacities!

One of the ORM capabilities is to buffer SKU's temporarily on friction-drive™ roller conveyors (buffer lanes). Each buffer lane is at the outfeed-end equipped with a stopper/dispensing-unit (the dispenser) which provides for the release of items with high speed, in the required order-sequence&amount to one or more palletizers or roll cage stackers. ORM's are usually built in multiple levels which are merged by a spiral conveyor positioned between the ORM and the palletizing units.

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In comparison to other full case order pick solutions, the ORM is unique in the following important features:

  • High capacity
    5000-8000 cases/hr depending on ORM-configuration;
  • Efficient use of building space;
    Compared to Miniload or shuttle systems, up to 20 - 30% less space required;
  • Low energy consumption;
    Each ORM requires just a very limited amount of drives, as result of a patented drive concept;
  • Dynamic allocation of buffer lanes;
    All buffer lanes are identical and suitable for a wide variety of items/loads and packaging types;
  • Very low maintenance costs;
    Annual maintenance is less than 1% of the ORM  investment costs;
  • Release process and replenishment process are running simultaneously and independently from each other;

ORM replenishment methods:

For different replenishment strategies, DLS offers a matching replenishment technique:

The DLS trolley: Crossbelt-sorter (e.g.Beumer):
Batch replenishment
(usually for single SKU buffer lanes)

Random replenishment
(usually for collecting orders in buffer lanes)

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