Dynamic sequencers

Are you looking for a solution to re-organize the sequence of a batch articles in high speed and on limited building space? Especially for this goal, DLS has developed the Dynamic Sequencer. Built from components which are used in large quantaties in ORM-projects, DLS offers sequencers which enable you to re-organize at high speed (800-1000 cases/hr PER level!) the sequence of a batch articles in any required sequence.

Apart from high capacities, DLS sequencers are unique in the following features:

Very efficient use of building space:

  • The image shows an example of a sequencer for batches of 6 articles (single sided configuration). Of course the DLS sequencer can be adapted to batch-sizes. The single-sided solution offers bufferpositions at one side of the infeed conveyor. In a double sided solution, bufferlocations are positioned at both side of a centralized infeed conveyor. For an optimal usage of building height, multiple sequencers can be positioned on top of eachother.
  • Suitable for a large variety of packagingtypes, sizes and loads.
  • By using the DLS patented Friction Drive™ technology (identical to the bufferlanes in the ORM), functionality is ensured for a large variety of articles.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • DLS sequencers are built from components which have proven their reliablity and speed in ORM's at large quentities. 
  • Easy to integrate.

DLS Sequencers are the most optimal solution to improve the throughput of miniloads and shuttle systems!!

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