Testing & Services

DLS Service range - System performance requires more than high quality components only!

Just high quality products is not enough to ensure your system performance. It requires much more to ensure that a newly designed system meets your demands, now and in the future!
In order to ensure that a system is fit for its purpose, DLS offers already in the design phase extensive services including data analyses,  structural design analyses, 3D solid modeling, simulation, components tests and even full scale tests.

At the DLS in-house test centre, functionality tests can be executed using the end-users products to test:
• conveyability on friction-drive lanes, in&outfeed conveyors;
• different ORM replenishment technologies (trolleys/pushers etc)
• functionality of dispensers in combination with end-users products;
• functionality of different pallet types/ loads on pallet gravity solutions;
• customer specific designs, testing of prototypes;
• ergonomics of order picking solutions;

After approval of designs and tests, the intensive process of purchase and production starts. This process is not just managed and controlled by quality control and our ERP-system, but most importantly by dedicated DLS personnel, ensuring that your system is going to be fit for its purpose, within the agreed time schedule!

Already during installation of the system on site, your personnel will be involved as much as possible in the details of the system. Our experience is that this is of great importance during the instruction sessions which will follow before handing over the system. At hand-over, your employees will be confident with the system, which is a necessity for the overall performance.

To support maintenance on site, DLS keeps stock of spare parts, however also a spare parts package with critical parts will be kept on site. Being manufacturer, DLS ensures product availability on the highest level.
Maintenance personnel is trained by DLS specialists, but additionally DLS offers first class after sales support.

Systems in the market which are performing optimally for many years at renown very satisfied clients are the proof of the high standard of products and services from DLS.


Our service range at a glance

• Research and Development

• Data Analyses

• Structural design

• 3D Solid Modelling

• Project management

• Design of prototypes

• Full scale testing

• Production

• Installation and commissioning

• Service and maintenance

• Training

• Spare parts centre

• Quality management